Monday, August 30, 2010

Can I Get It All Done?

Okay, so it's late and I've worked a very long day but I couldn't go to bed before I passed on the greatness that I stumbled upon on Martha Stewart's website.

It may be the television producer/wedding planner in me but I'm a sucker for for checklists. Yes, I'm that girl! That's how I get everything done in my life! It gives me some kind of sick satisfaction to cross off tasks. And I'll even share a little secret with you... if I've completed a task that didn't make it on the to-do list, I'll add it to the list after the fact just so I can check it off (shhhh!)

I even got teased a few years ago when I was planning Christmas dinner because I typed up a to- do list/schedule in pretty Christmas colors (But nobody was complaining when we ate on time because of my trusty little list.

(Yes, I did take a picture of my list!)

So why not go to the mother of all party planners, Martha Stewart, for some fabulous checklist tips?

Martha posted this on her facebook page and website a few days ago. Planning a baby shower? What about a bridal shower? Maybe you are getting a head start on your holiday plans? Well, Martha has it all. She even has a checklist to help you prep for overnight guests.

Check it out...or off (pun intended!)-- you won't be disappointed if you enjoy lists as much as I do.

Happy planning!

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