Monday, August 16, 2010

I "Shutter" To Think...

Okay, so I don't really shudder to think but I couldn't resist the corny pun. We’ve started a complete overhaul on much of house. The living room is getting a total makeover… we are talking, a TOTAL new look. Once I decided that we’d be continuing the beach cottage look in much of the house, I just knew that I wanted to find the perfect shutters to use in our living room. After my friend Ashley of It Rocks To Be A Knox, showed me many of the antique stores in our area, I just knew she and I would find my shutters on one of our antique shopping sprees. When I came across these bad boys at a store called “Country Boy Antiques”, I just knew they had to be mine. These shutters made my heart flutter! But it was no easy find. This was a down and D-I-R-T-Y story. What many would consider junk was piled high. We are talking floor to ceiling and back to front. Ashley and decided this was not a store to wear open toed shoes in just in case roaches and rats decided to pay us a visit (not kidding!) The owner goes around to different homes and saves old doors, hardware, fireplaces (and of course shutters!) before homes are demolished. Once I saw them, I just knew they’d make the perfect statement in my living room. So after we finished painting the living room Benjamin Moore’s “Cream Fleece” in an eggshell finish, we slapped these 7 ft tall shutters on our wall. I think these may end up being my favorite part of the room. As I look at them, I like to imagine the house that these may have come from. And who lived in the house? How many families got to enjoy these shutters before the shutters landed a spot in my newly decorated living room? And while I’ll never get an answer, it’s fun to let my imagination run wild.

P.S. maybe a small part of me did shudder to think about all the little creepy crawly things that could have taken up residence in my new-to-me old shutters… so just to be sure my house didn’t become an insect motel, my shutters spent a couple of weeks and a few rain showers outside before they were allowed inside my house.

P.S.S. Stayed tuned to see the newly decorated living room that these shutters are in.

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