Monday, August 16, 2010

Welcome to The Cozy Cape

We are just a guy and a girl that are walking through life together, hand-in-hand. I’m a TV producer by day; a wedding planner by night; and a DIY deal-seeker when the weekend rolls around. I’m always up to something and I rarely sit still. Two years ago, my husband quit his full time job as a real estate agent to follow his long time dream of becoming Brandon Boyd, MD. That’s right! A DOCTOR! It’s been an interesting ride—the good, the bad and the ugly. The MCATS are behind him (as of a week ago) but test scores, school applications and med school interviews await him in the near future before his medical school career begins in the fall of 2011… but for now we are nestled nicley into our cute little Cape.
Five years ago, we stumbled upon our little 3 bedroom, 1 ½ (and I use half lightly!) bathroom Cape Cod. It had only been 8 months since we had moved into the house we were living in and it had only been one month since we finished a massive renovation… but our little Cape was calling our name. Brandon actually discovered our High Street House when he went on an appointment to sell the house; but instead, at the end of the appointment I received a phone call.
“Hi Hon!”
“Hi, how's the house”
"Well, they don’t want to list BUT I really think you should come look at the house.”

“For what?? We JUST moved 8 months ago... and I definitely don’t want to live in Portsmouth."
I didn't want to live in Portsmouth because in order to get... well, ANYWHERE from Portsmouth, you have to travel through a tunnel. And tunnel=traffic; And traffic=stress; and stress= an unhappy Heather. But an hour later, I stepped over the threshold of the house we would soon make our home…. for the second time that year. The 1951 Cape Cop held so much potential and it was calling my name. Plus, as soon my eyes spotted the hardy plaster walls (which have morphed into a love/hate thing every time I hang a picture) and freshly refinished hardwood floors, I knew we’d soon be signing on the dotted line. I have a thing for hardwood floors. Somehow, the hardwood floors acted as blinders to the teeny tiny closets, the one full bath, the UGLY paint job and the many DIY projects that the previous owners had attempted with very poor results. None of it mattered. 30 days later, those hardwood floors… the bad paint job… the bigger mortgage… and all the other little quirks all belonged to us.
At that point I really didn't have a defined decorating style. I bought furniture without measuring (which you’ll soon see we purchased MASSIVE furniture); I picked paint colors that soon hated; and I just didn’t have a style that defined me… and us.
Fast forward to December 2009: I had the honor and joy of meeting Kevin and Layla Palmer of The Lettered Cottage. Layla designed an amazing beach cottage master bedroom for us. I knew that shabby chic, beach cottage look always made me smile… but it wasn’t until Layla asked me to send her some inspiration pics, that I realized that décor had to make its way into other parts of our home. Once our master bedroom was done with the Lettered Cottage touch (okay, MAJOR elbow grease!), I knew the entire house had to follow suit in the very near future. And that brings us to now. We are currently converting much of the house into our new found shabby chic beach cottage style… so grab a paint brush and join the fun.

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