Saturday, September 11, 2010

DIY Edible Arrangement

I absolutely love the thought of an edible arrangement in lieu of flowers.
They are gorgeous...
Fun to look at...
and fun to eat.

But they are just so darn expensive. I had a baby shower coming up so I thought that would be the perfect time for me to try my hand at one of these edible works of art . I gathered my supplies (fruit, melting chocolate, skewers, floral foam, and a flower shaped cookie cutter) and away we went. Notice I said "we". My husband joined in on the edible art fun and loved it.

Here' she is...

I used a tin that I already had at the house.

I am proud of our first attempt at an edible fruit project.

A couple of notes: I bought way too much fruit! It could have been much cheaper if I would have scaled back a bit. We were eating the leftover fruit at the Boyd house for days. Also, it does take time and patience... but it's pretty easy to do. As far as the floral foam is concerned, I used it at the base to secure the skewers but I wanted to make sure none of the foam debris flew up onto the fruit, so I covered the foam in saran wrap before putting it into the container. Then, once it was nestled nicely into the the tin, I covered the saran wrapped foam with cilantro. The cilantro made a nice filler.

Tip: work from the bottom outside and fill it in as you work your way up and towards the center.

Happy fruit arranging!

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