Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It Takes The Cake

You've probably noticed quite a few posts regarding babies and showers. I've had three very close friends give birth within a month of one another so I've been a busy party planning bee. Well, here's another great idea to make a great party even prettier.

It's a three tiered "cake"(non-edible of course!) made from diapers. It makes a great centerpiece during the shower and it doubles as a wonderful gift for the mom-to-be once the shower is over.

And here's a snapshot of a cake that I helped a friend make:

People pay upwards of $70 dollars for these "babies" (pun intended) but I refused to pay someone else that kind of money when I knew I could figure out how to make it on my own.

The first time I made one, it took me hours, but now that I've had a lot of practice, I can whip up one of these in about 1/2 hour. And now, I make them for others when they ask.

The next time I make one, I'll be sure to snap a shot of each step so I can give you guys a tutorial.

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