Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Bit of Cottage Charm: Painted Stairs

The previous owner redid the kitchen but it was obviously on the cheap. I plan to make some changes to the kitchen by the end of the year in order to spruce it up a bit, but for now it's all about the small changes. One of the things I've come to despise about the kitchen is the vast amount of similar color wood in the kitchen, from the wood cabinets to the teak wood floors. I actually don't mind the floors for the most part but the floor and cabinet combo is a little more than I can handle. I do plan to paint the cabinets... but we don't have the moolah to replace the floors. I don't know about you, but I like to hold on to my money! And like I said, I don't mind the floor for the most part. The one spot that I don't care for the floors is the step down into the dining room. It's a narrow space and it just felt a little too dark. My Mom actually made an off hand comment that I should paint the stairs. Before you knew it (and before my husband had come home from school), I had already been to the hardware store and back. I slapped on two coats of floor paint and presto change-0, I now have a brighter hallway.

I also picked up three mailbox numbers because I knew the white stairs would look a little too plain.

(Excuse the cameo appearance of our fluffy puppy. He follows me everywhere!)

They have gotten scratched up a bit, but I don't really mind it. Eventually, I'm sure I'll touch them up and seal them, but for now I like the "lived in" look that the scratches provide.

This was one of those projects that I really wasn't sure about. I was a bit nervous because once the paint is down, there's no going back. Now that they are done, I actually really like them. I think they have a little cottage charm!

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  1. Very cute Heather. Sometimes the spur of the moment ideas are the best ones!

  2. Adorable- I love your stairs! That's such a good idea!!

  3. I totally agree with you Heather. Not too keen on our floors, but I'd rather hold onto the money :-)).

    Love the new paint job and numbers - too cute...just like your dog in the photo! I wish I could see a before photo!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hey Guys! Thanks for the sweet comments.

    @shopgirl! I started painting them BEFORE i got into the whole blogging thing so I wasn't into the "lets carry my camera everywhere" & "snap a picture of everything that I do" thing. But I'm getting better with that! It really does take some getting used to. :) The stairs were the same color as the floor that you can see in the photo. Sorry I can't show you more. :(

  5. Hi~ I love the stairs! They look adorable painted and the scratches and scuffs will just add character! The numbers are perfect on them as well- great job! I have a decorating inspiration party going on at my blog if you would like to join. Coming over from Vanessa's- nice to meet you! :)

  6. Hi! Thanks so much for coming over and joining the party! These stairs are so fabulous and totally inspiring! :-) Look forward to seeing a lot more of you here in blogland!

  7. Awesome! They look great, love the numbers:) Found you from the DIY Show Off - just wanted to say hi and that my parents have a house down the cape, I'm there all summer! The rest of the time I'm on the South Shore. And I have a side business designing custom wedding invites:) I'll definitely be following your blog from now on. Great to "meet" you!

  8. Very the numbers! It makes me wish I had stairs in my home.

  9. Love the #'s! What a great idea!
    I'm following you back..I'm off to check out the rest of your blog!

  10. Heather, cute dog! Your stairs look great, love the numbers. You recently commented on my white slipcovers. I found that if I take them out of the dryer and put them back on the sofas while they are still damp, I can eliminate the ironing. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Hi there! Your dog is super cute and the stairs look great! We have carpet on our stairs but are considering ripping it off to show of the hardwoods...that we hope are there (fingers crossed)...and only need paint or stain lol! Oh and I'm a new follower, I love for you to follow me too!

  12. Love the numbers- we have white steps like that and I have thought of doing numbers on the stairs, but my stairs constantly get scuffed- any suggestions to help the scuffing?

  13. Hey Denise,

    Mine get scuffed too, but I kind of don't mind it. My stairs step into our "formal" dining room so it doesn't get a lot of traffic. Are yours sealed with polyurethane? I've heard that helps. As far as when the scuffs do appear, use a Mr. Clean Magic eraser. That thing takes care of scuffs and dirt like, well... magic!

    Hope that helps!

  14. Love the stairs and the addition of the numbers was just perfect!! I felt the same way when I painted my oak kitchen cabinets....scared to death! But I just forged ahead and love them!

    Good to have you in blog land!!

    Lou Cinda :)