Thursday, September 9, 2010

Strolling Along

On one of my antique shopping excursions with Ashley of "It Rocks to Be a Knox" I came across an old and adorable wicker baby doll stroller. In fact, I had the very same stroller as a little girl. I spent many hours pushing my red-headed cabbage patch kid around in that stroller. And even though I don't have kids, I just knew that I couldn't leave the store without the stroller in tow. At the time, I had three close friends that were all pregnant so I knew I could put the the stroller to good use as baby shower decor.

Check out how I used the stroller at a couple of the baby showers:

(Above: I picked up some flowers from Sam's and made a centerpiece arrangement for the food table)

(Above: At this shower, the baby doll carriage housed the favors)

And just in case you were wondering what's in the box...

It's a cinnamon bun. I whipped up some tags on the computer that said
"_(name)_ has a bun in the oven...
Thanks for showering her with love."

I just LOVE this baby carriage and the many adorable party planning possibilities! This is just proof that if you look beyond the intended use of almost anything, you can achieve great things. Let your creativity guide you!
I'll have the full details of the shower that I held at my home in a later post.

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