Sunday, September 12, 2010

Trash to Treasure: Our Kitchen Table

So the saying is true... Someone's trash can really be your treasure. For months, I had been hunting for a wooden pedestal table to replace our glass table in the kitchen. I liked the glass table fine enough but it just wasn't fitting in with our new cottage decor (plus, I have big plans for our kitchen as the end of the year nears and I knew the glass table wouldn't fit in with my new design.)

(This picture is about 6 months old. Since then, I've added an area rug and recovered the seat cushions)

When I began my search for a pedestal table, I told myself that I was going to be patient in finding the perfect table for the perfect price. I knew that I didn't want to jump on the first table that I saw because those suckers can be expensive. I also knew that a used one would be just fine because I would be painting and distressing it no matter what.

Well, patience paid off (patience is a virtue, after all). After about three months of checking out thrift stores and Craig's list, I came across this table for $15 bucks!

Score! And better yet, it was already painted black. I had planned to paint a black base coat on whatever table I found. So let's review: A table for $15 bucks- SCORE! A table already painted black- DOUBLE SCORE! And a table with a chunky pedestal base (I'm a sucker for chunky furniture!)- TRIPLE SCORE!

I knew that I wanted to give the table a weathered look... so I got to work cleaning and painting.

First, I cleaned the table. Apparently it has spent a month outside and the previous owners were getting ready to throw it out if nobody claimed it on Craig’s List (it really was going to be trash!)

Next, I covered the table with three layers of white paint.

I'm not exactly sure what the name of the color is because I used what I already had. It was actually floor paint, since that’s what I had in the attic. I really didn’t want to spend the money if I didn’t have to.

Then, I let the paint dry just enough to where it wasn't wet to touch-- but not enough that it had hardened. I used a paint scraper to rough up the paint around the edged, bends, and the tabletop. At this point, I was loving the new look… but I wasn’t done yet.

After I finished beating up my table, I let the paint dry overnight. When morning came, I rubbed on brown furniture stain in places to add to the weathered look. (Note: the stain goes on dark, so I just had an old rag on hand to rub of any excess.)

Here my new table!

I love it! I still need to add a coat of polyurethane so it's sealed.

Now I need to go on the hunt for four chairs. Once I find the chairs, I'll be back with pictures of it living in its new home in my kitchen (right now, I have a drop cloth and the table in my living room until I sell my glass table.)

As long as you love the shape, you can really do this to any piece of furniture. It doesn't matter how ugly the finish is when you find it.

The best part of of this entire table makeover is that the total cost was $15 bucks since I already had the paint and brushes on hand! Isn't that amazing! Aren't those the best types of projects?People pay hundreds of dollars at Pottery Barn for this type of look. In fact, there is a mantel for sale at Pottery Barn that has a similar finish... and its price tag is a whopping $349! Ouch!

Now, I'm off to look for some chairs!

Happy refinishing!

P.S. As of this past weekend, I found fabulous chairs to pair with the table. You can read the details here. I'm working on painting them this week.

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  1. Looks awesome! Read my email... -Ash

  2. Oh I love it! Great job Heather.

  3. Thanks Ladies! It was so easy and so much fun!!

  4. It looks great! I love those types of tables, glad you got a great one for the *right* price!

  5. Thanks Kathie! I just made my way over to your blog and became a follower!

  6. I love this table. What a great price and you did an awesome job revamping it! Yeah!

  7. Thanks Denise! Last weekend, I found chairs to pair with the table... so I'm elbow deep in yellow paint until I finish the chairs!

  8. Great transformation! Love the distressing and the affect the stain has. I always have loved pedestal tables, maybe one day I will have one myself!


  9. Beautiful table, and what a steal!

  10. Hi Jennifer and Kendall. Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment! I made my way over to your blogs and became a follower!

  11. I love this table! I have one I need to work on, and this has inspired me!

  12. Hi Oops! And it was sooo easy! Last weekend, I found some chairs to go with the table and the chairs have actually been more challenging of a redo than the table... but of course I love working on all of it!!

  13. Beautiful! It looks fantastic!! You did a great job!

  14. Heather,
    That is perfectly fabulous!!! I absolutely love it. And for 15 bucks? Amazing! I love chunky tables too. I had a table just like yours in our last house that I painted black. I love the way you painted yours white and distressed it. Let me know when you find some chairs! :)
    Thanks for linking to my party.

  15. Hi Heather, looks so much better! Love the color, and especially the part about waiting on the right table for the right price.

  16. I love how it turned out, and it has a really nice base.

    from Trash to Treasure Decorating

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  18. This is gorgeous! I have the same table but it is still black! I would love to do something like this to mine! Great job!!

    XO, Mallory

  19. I'm in love with your table!! Love the black peaking through.

  20. Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments. You guys rock!

  21. FABULOUS!!! I recently was given a table TOP and it was then things are cheap/free and you can turn then into a love for yourself :D
    ps. I turned mine into a coffee table ;)

  22. Hi Heather! I just came over from Beneath My Heart and just had to tell you that I think you did a Fabulous job with this table and what a great deal!!! I think things are even prettier when you know you got it for a bargain! It truly looks like something from PB or Ballards. I just became a follower! :-)
    P.S. I host a party every Friday and would love to have you stop by and join sometime!

  23. I love this table! I can't believe it only cost $15. I have seen these in Pottery Barn, yours looks like you just ordered it from the catalog.

  24. Brilliant work my dear! I am most definitely in love with your project. Also...I can not wait to see the chairs you find.


  25. Very Awesome! We're looking for a table just like that right now too. I just revamped our coffee table. The post is here: