Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Birthday Basket

My friend's little one turned three years old last weekend.

I'd post a picture of my friend's adorable little girl, but I'm a bit skeptical of posting pics of youngins on the world wide web.  There are some crazies out there, you know?

As we all know, kids have a very short attention span... so what do you get a three year old that she'll LOVE?  Her Mom made it clear that I should not spend a lot of money on a toy that she'll only play with for a few minutes before she moves on to the next toy... so that gave me an idea.  Why not get her a BUNCH of toys?
Now, before you think I'm crazy... and that I have deep pockets, I figured that a big "basket-O-toys" would definitely make her face light up, but I was determined to do it on a budget.  Her Mom had mentioned that she likes Dollar Store toys just as much as she does expensive toys.  So off I went to the the Dollar Store.  I packed my cart full of 20 toys from princess outfits to bug kits.  Guess how much the total was? Ha! 20 bucks!  Everything's a dollar!

 Then I arranged it in a small laundry basket that I picked up at Garden Ridge for 4 bucks.   

I wrapped it up in clear basket wrap that I got at the Dollar Store and I slapped on a bow.  

Here's the finished basket...

And her face definitely lit up... and I even got a shriek when she laid eyes on it.
So there you go... get the most for your money while still making a little girl happy.

P.S. I'm almost done with my kitchen chairs.  Refinishing them has taken me a lot longer then I projected!  I'll  be back tomorrow with pics of my finished chairs (but the above picture gives you a preview!)


  1. That's it. You're so making my baby shower gifts from here on out. I'm clueless when it comes to this stuff, but these look great.

  2. Heather. you are so creative! I LOVE this! When I'm done with my RESCUE the CATS CRUSADE, maybe I'll try it! How about making a basket for cats? Or for cat owners? Or just popping the kittens in the basket and putting a bow their heads. That would be cute. Hee hee hee. Great job! :)
    Zsa Zsa

  3. This is so cute and I really enjoyed reading it! Love you

  4. Thanks everyone! It's so easy and so fun!