Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I haven't posted in a few days.  Last week I had to make a quick trip to Nashville, TN, for work. I flew up on Wednesday morning and was back home late Thursday night.  The plane ride was less than desirable and somehow it caused an ear infection in my right ear.  Do adults even get ear infections?  I feel like I'm in elementary school again!

Plus, my little puppy underwent surgery yesterday.  It was time for him to say goodbye to being a man.  He was neutered.  Last night, he woke us up as soon as we fell asleep.  He really doesn't care for that cone.

The combo of the ear infection and taking care of my fur baby has kept me pretty busy so I haven't been as busy around the house, but I did manage to make it out to Homearama this past weekend before I started feeling really yucky.  My friend Laura works for the local paper so she got free tickets.  When she asked if I wanted to come with her, I responded with a resounding YES!  (Thanks Laura!)

What's Homerama, you ask?  Every year our area has a tour of new houses chosen by the Tidewater Builders Association.  The houses are decked out in awesome decor.  This years Homerama was infused with a beach cottage feel so it was right up my alley.  It was pretty crowded so I didn't get to snap as many picks of the full rooms as I wanted, but I was able to get pics of the cute details.

Warning: Very picture heavy!

The majority of the houses in this years line-up were inspired by beach cottages.  If you want to see the outside of all ten house, check it out here.

Check out this FAB room for a little girl...

Aren't these murals AMAZING!

This huge chalkboard/organization wall met us as we came into the room...

Check out how they used rope in the bathroom to give it a seashore feel...

And they continued the rope into the other bathroom with the shower curtain...

And I loved the relaxed feel that the fabric offered in the bathroom...

I was told the house was made up of 98 percent wood.  Most of the walls were clad in thick wood planks. Very cottage like!!

In another house, the laundry room alcove was turned into a study area.  Obviously this wouldn't work in real life, but it was a great idea.  A few of he houses had 2 laundry areas!

Chalkboards were a theme this year.  And would you take a look at those built in bookshelf beauties!!

And as the bookshelf wrapped around the kitchen wall, it housed a flat screen TV and an adorable vintage inspired tray.  

I LOVE that tray!

Here are a few more things that caught my eye:

Here's a close-up of the table setting...

More starfish...

I want to try this with my standing lamp in my living room...

I've been looking for a blue for my kitchen.  This just may be it:

And that calming blue continues on into the guest bathroom with some added molding...

 I thought the tile choice was was interesting.  This looks like a newer version of my 1950's bathroom tile.  Maybe it's coming back??

And I loved the way they used the fishing net here:

And this dresser... would you look at this dresser?!  Apparently there's a really cool store in our area called Exotic Homes, that I didn't know about.

I would love something like this for my living room!
(Psst... Hubby, my birthday is next month!)
Who knows what the pretty price tag is on this baby!

And this distressed mirror is beautiful!  It looks like it was made from an old door.  
I feel like I could make that.  Maybe I'll try that!

And I leave you with more distressed goodness...

Do you guys have anything like this in your area?
It's such a great place to get ideas!

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