Thursday, October 14, 2010

Toilet Paper Pumpkins

Yes, you did read that correctly.  First, I made a cake out of diapers (see my "diaper cakes" here)... and now I'm making Fall decor out of TP!

I saw this project a few weeks ago, and for the life of me I can't remember what blog I saw this on (so if this was your idea, let me know and I'll happily give credit where credit is due.)

Okay, now back to the TP pumpkins.  I've really fallen behind on my Fall decor.  The rain has definitely played a factor in this, so this weekend I'm hoping to spruce up my house inside and out.

I began my Fall decorating inside by making these: Toilet paper pumpkins!

 Awhile back I purchased some cheap fabric remnants from Garden Ridge.  They have a wall-o-fabric and it is so cheap!  I think I got 4 yards for $4.99!
Once I got home, I cut out a square of fabric- Make sure you don't cut your fabric swatch too big because all of that fabric must be squeezed into the teeny-weeny center roll.

Then I began stuffing said fabric into the center.  
(Note: I did this once and I didn't care for the shape, so I redid it but added tissue paper to give it a base and add a little extra "puff."

At this point, it should look like this:

Yes, I know... It still looks like a toilet paper roll wrapped in fabric.  Don't get your TP in a bunch! :)
At this point, mash... squish... and squash until it takes the shape of a pumpkin.

I actually stood on mine:

Then, I grabbed a couple of twigs from the back yard to use as stems. 

And voila!

And look on the bright side.  If you ever forget to grab toilet paper at the store, you'll always have a few extras on hand. 

Have fun!

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  1. These are the cutest decorations, Heather! I love easy-to-do projects like this. I might have to try Christmas fabrics and create "giant ornaments" for the holidays!

  2. Thanks Heidi! The Christmas ornaments sound like a great idea!

  3. Heather! That is sooooo cute and clever! I was thinking about how much fun my kiddos would have making these with me! Thanks so much for linking this up to the party!

  4. What a cute idea! I'm so glad someone else forgets where they see things. :) I'm doing it all the time. Going to start keeping a pad by the computer. Joining you at Vanessa's.

  5. This is a hoot! I love it. Found you over at Inspiration Friday. Enjoying my visit to your blog!

  6. what a great idea, the stems are particularly clever :)

    Love your table too btw!

  7. So glad you linked this up- it is just so cute!! Thanks for joining the party!! :)

  8. Ha! Aren't these great?!? I made a couple of these this year as well and I love 'em. So easy and simple and such a cute result!

  9. HI there! I am your newest follower!! I found you on the weekend linky! I love finding new blogs and yours is lovely:) You can find me at

    HOW CUTE!! great idea

  10. You are so creative!

    I've featured this on my blog today -- check it out when you can