Thursday, November 18, 2010

Meet Moll Anderson, Designer Extrodinare

Hey Guys!

Have you ever heard of Moll Anderson?  If not, you need to know who she is!  She's an amazing decorator who has designed rooms for many celebs.  She's been described as a cross between Dr. Phil and Martha Stewart.  She earned that nickname because she truly believes that your surroundings can affect you negatively or positively, depending on how your space makes you feel.  In her book, "Change Your Home, Change Your Life,"  she gives practical advice on how changing your home really can change your life!  She says there are five must haves when decorating and entertaining:  Paint, light, music, Flowers and fabric.

Oprah gave Moll her big break.
Moll did two tv segments while she was at our studio.  I had the privilege of producing one of Moll's Christmas segments which will air onDecember 7th.  I'll be sure to post that segment once it airs.

Here's the segment that already aired.  It's all about holiday table decor on a budget.

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  1. Does she design workspaces? My cubicle needs some help.

    Hmmm... I see a new segment for the Club.