Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cookbook Crate Storage

Over the years as a TV producer, I've built up my share of cookbooks because we do many cooking demos on the show.  I only keep the ones I like, but after 10 1/2 years of working on the show my cookbook collection became too much just to store them on a bookshelf.  I got the bright idea to use produce crates to house those babies, but unfortunately after a little research I found out the farmers no longer ship produce in crates because the crates themselves cost too much to make and ship... so when I asked a local farmer at the farmer's market about selling me some of his crates he wasn't willing to part with his crates for anything less than $25 a pop.  NO THANK YOU!

So I hopped on the internet to find out what would give me a similar look when I came across wine crates. I don't drink wine; however, that didn't stop me from visiting the local wine store to ask if they'd be willing to part with their crates.  The gladly gave me a great deal at $5 per crate.  Apparently, even the wine industry limiting what they ship in crates because of the cost-- so get them while you can.

Here they are before I whitewashed them with blue paint.  Or would that be called blue-washing??

And here they are after a coat of blue paint:

I plan to get some more crates to use as shelves in Brandon's office, much like this Pottery Barn pic:

Well, we're off to buy our Christmas tree.  I'm super excited!!


  1. oooh that's such a great idea!!! I love it. I love the blue wash on it also!
    Im gonna have to have a talk with my wine store lol

  2. I love it with the blue wash~ so charming! I'm going to have to see about those at our local stores too! :)