Thursday, December 30, 2010

Living Room Reveal, Take 2

Well, it's time for living room reveal, Take 2!  You may remember that this past September I showed you how my living room went from this:

To this:

I was really happy with the elements that we got for the new room and we did lots t of work to transform the space.  Some of the obvious things that we did were as follows:
  • Get rid of the terrible yellow paint.  We traded it in for something much calmer (we color matched Behr paint to Benjamin Moore's Cream Fleece.  
  • We got rid of the brown furniture and traded it in for a blue and white ticking sofa from Haverty's and 2 Ektorp white slipcovered chairs from Ikea.  Love these! 
  • Traded out a oriental rug for a jute rug from Ikea.
  • Got rid of the terrible maroon swag of fabric that the previous owners left for us (so nice of them!)  Instead we hung our new drapes high and wide.  The cream drapes are $10 drop clothes from Lowe's and the blue curtains are twin sheets from Walmart, all hung with drapery clips from Ikea. 

Here's the full post that I wrote on Living Room Reveal #1.

In addition to all of the above, I also redid the fireplace.

Here's the full post on the fireplace makeover.

I snagged some awesome shutters at a salvage store that I used to frame out the entry space into the kitchen eating area.  

Here's the details on my shutters.

But after all that, I still wasn't happy with the "coziness factor" just yet.  So I got to work rearranging the room yet again.   It was time to get the furniture away from the walls.  When people push their furniture up against the walls, well known designer, Nate Berkus often describes it as "your furniture is under arrest."  Get it?  The furniture is "up against the wall."

Here are some shots of the newly arranged room:

 As you can see in the above picture, the coffee table is an antique trunk.  And I also stacked two vintage suitcases as a side table.

Details regarding the luggage can be found here.

I picked up the tin that is next to the sofa at a flea market for $5.  We store our winter hats, gloves and scarves in it.  

Then I added this sideboard to the room:

You can see how I brought this sideboard back to life here at Sideboard CPR. It was in serious need of some TLC.  It used to look like this:

You can also see the details if what I used to decorate the top of the sideboard here.

And one last thing. I had two small side tables that I previously used on each side of my sofa.  Once I brought the sofa into the middle of the room, the side table would no longer fit next to the couch.  So, I shoved the two tables together and added a piece of burlap as a runner... and viola!  I had a makeshift sofa table that nestled nicely behind the sofa.  (Ignore the last of the Christmas decor- that's coming down today.)  

Whew!  Sorry for the long post!  And sorry for all of the links back to previous posts. I just didn't see the need in explaining each project in detail when I've already covered it other posts.  

Hope you like my new room.  We adore it!


  1. I love your room, it is so cozy and cottagey! I painted our fireplace white too when we moved in and I have loved it ever since! Your shutters are amazing, great find and I love how you framed the entry!! Perfect!!

  2. Oh how gorgeous! I loooooovvveee the Ikea sofa - one of those is going to make it's way to my house very soon :) Such a great makeover!

  3. I've got to visit that store where you got the shutters! Did you say it was local?

  4. Thanks everyone! And yep, Tidy Brown Wren, the store is local. 1912 Granby Street Norfolk, VA... for anyone who lives in town or anyone that comes to visit!

  5. So beautiful. I love the shutters...what a great idea!

  6. I love how you lightened everything, and the furniture arrangement is great. Beautiful room!

  7. Oh, my goodness!! I love it! What an amazing change. Love all of the white, the texture, and the ticking stripe sofa! Beautiful. :)
    Hope you have a great day!

  8. I think that White is your favorites color, So that You have furnished your house with white cabinets , fireplace , flooring color. I also planning refurbish my fireplace with white color.

  9. I love love the fresh new look!!
    Soooo I got an award and had to play it forward to one of my fave blogs - And you are one of them!

  10. i am a new follower you can thank Tracy from Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures.....loving all the changes you have made to you living room and looking forward to following you.

  11. This is fantastic Heather! What a great makeover! I love the all the different things you collected and bought to make it yours! Gotta love Ikea too!

  12. Heather, Wow! This is an amazing makeover. You have a great touch. I can't wait to see what else is on your blog. (I'm so jealous you have an Ikea close enough to drive to :).