Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Dining Room Table Redo

This past July I had a baby shower at my house for my friend Stacey.  After the shower was over, I removed the tablecloth to find very large heat spots all over the table. I took a picture but I can't find it anywhere, so you'll just have to trust me when I say they were big white blobs.  I wracked my brain to figure out what could have caused the damage since I didn't serve any hot dishes.  Then it dawned on me! I ironed the tablecloth and I must have put the cloth on the table before it had cooled down.  Oops!  So for the last month I've been diligently sanding, staining, painting and distressing my dining room table.

At first I was a bit bummed that the table's finish was ruined, but now that I've refinished it, I love the table more than ever... and I probably would have never mustered up the energy to give the table a facelift if it hadn't been ruined in the first place.

Other than the heat spots, the table was in great condition... and that included the very thick varnish. It took 3 1/2 weekends to sand down the tabletop to its original wood.

Here's an in-progress picture where you can get a good look at the previous stain color on the back half that isn't sanded yet:

After I FINALLY got the top sanded down, I stained the top with stain that I already had and I painted the legs white with paint that I already had.  Gotta love it when you can use what you already have!

Here it is all done:

I've always wanted a farmhouse table but I didn't want to pay the price for one since I already had a perfectly good table.  Now, I have a pretty close look alike that I'm over the moon for!
And the runner is a window valance turned runner.  I picked up the valance at a local antique shop a few weeks back.

I painted and distressed the chairs white to match the legs of my new table.
Here's a before and after of the chairs:



I eventually want to recover the seats in this red ticking fabric:

That will come after the holidays are over.

Oh and just in case you are wondering, I bought the two plush end chairs at Ikea last Christmas.

We've been giving our dining room an overhaul since mid-summer and I'm almost done with it.  I'll be sure to share the details of the full dining room redo in the coming weeks.

The cost of the table makeover?  Drumroll please....

$8 bucks for the cost of electric sanding pads.  I borrowed the sander from my Dad and I had all of the paint on hand already.

Hope you guys like it!


  1. Great job! Sure looks like a farmhouse table to me and you can't beat it for the price.

  2. It is beautiful!!!! You did an amazing job and the red ticking will be perfect!!!

  3. I saw your post on PI and had to hop over here to look at your table. It looks wonderful. I love how you've done your chairs and the Ikea end chairs. Nice job!