Sunday, December 26, 2010

No Longer Dreaming of A White Christmas (plus some post-Christmas pics)

Hey There!

I hope everyone had a joyous Christmas.  We all know the lyrics well:  "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas."  Well those that live in the Hampton Roads area in Virginia no longer have to dream because the snow began falling at 7pm on Christmas night and 24 hours later it still hasn't stopped.

So far we've reached approximately 12 inches.  I can't believe it!  We just don't get this kind of weather in this area.  Bridges, tunnels and highways have shut down.  Here's hoping my husband can get home from the hospital tomorrow morning when his shift is over.

This snow has forced a bit of solitude since the roads are less than desirable. It's a nice break from the busy days that the holiday can bring.  I've spent the day playing in the snow with my pup and reading a new book, Producer, on my Nook, which was a Christmas present from the hubby.  Since I have the time, I thought now would be be the perfect time to share all the Christmas decorating details that I never got around to sharing.  Even though I have posted many blog posts this month, I still didn't have enough time to show you all of my Christmas decor, so here goes nothing.

Here's my mantle:

I can't do a lot on the top of the mantle because of the speaker and the TV, so I tend to go simple on the mantle.  Just a bit of garland with the addition of a strand of lights and three burlap stockings. 

The burlap and toile stockings where a new addition this year and I love them!  These are stockings we'll have for years!

I ordered the adorable stocking from etsy.  DAnn of DAnn Accesories was a joy to work with!  

And speaking of joy, check out my joy galvanized tin.

 This tin was a birthday present from my friend Ashley of It Rocks To Be A Knox.  I spotted this tin when Ash and I were shopping.  She knew that I had my eye on this!  I filled it with Christmas tree trimmings and added some faux snow. I love it so much, it may stay in the living room year-round.  We'll see.

Here's my sunroom tree that I never got around to writing about:

I bought this tree last year.  I thought I was buying a tree with white lights.  Wasn't I surprised when I plugged it in and found it had colored lights.  Oh well! I embraced the colored lights as a nod to my husband's likes, since he's a fan of colored lights.  I put the tree in a basket that I scored at a yard sale for $2 bucks. 

I wanted to dress up the kitchen table a bit so I grabbed the birdcage that I use for gift cards when I produce weddings.  I just added some pinecones, greenery from the backyard and some red ornament balls.

Here's a close-up:

 I had these two gold trees in the attic from previous years, so I threw them on the table behind the couch.

Below is the table that is in our front hallway.  Last month, I picked up the mini-sled from a flea market.  I think it was 5 dollars.

And that red and gold topiary you see in the back was a project that I did last Christmas pre-blog days.

It is made out of ribbon and a Styrofoam ball.  It was no small project.  It took hours!  I also made one for Fall.

I hope you enjoyed my little Christmas tour.  
And stay warm out there if you are experiencing a winter wonderland like us!

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