Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree (take 2)

Hey There,

I hope everyone is enjoying their early holiday preparations!  I know I am.  As the end of the semester approaches, things are finally slowing down for my husband, which means I actually get to see him and enjoy the holidays together.  I love that the hubby is a fan of all things holiday just as much as I do!  It's 6:45 at night and it's a cold and breezy winter evening in Hampton Roads.  We just got back from a brisk walk around the neighborhood with our puppy.  We love to scout out the holiday lights as the neighborhood becomes lighter and brighter as Christmas approaches.  We plan to take a trip to a few different neighborhoods before Christmas arrives so I'll be sure to snap some photos to share with you.

Now on to Christmas tree numero dos...  As I told you in my first Christmas tree post, we did three Christmas trees this year.  Find the 4-1-1 on Christmas tree number one that adorns our living room here.  The second Christmas tree is in our dining room, where I'll be hosting a Christmas themed baby shower this Sunday and Christmas dinner on Christmas day.  Have I mentioned that I like the Holidays?

The dining room tree is a 9ft faux tree that my parents gifted to us because, as I mentioned in my first post, my parents said faux was a no-go this year.  Oh, and if you missed it from my first Christmas tree post, my parents also said they entertained the thought of skipping a Christmas tree this year.  Do I have a "Christmas With The Kranks" situation on my hands?

 Just kidding Mom and Dad!  The funny thing is that I could totally see this happening because we aren't sure if my brother can come home and since I'm hosting Christmas dinner, they don't see the point.  My Mom did say that since I tattled on her in my first Christmas post, she'll be getting a tree now. Score!

Here's the dining room tree:

(Ignore the pink puff hanging from the ceiling.  That's for the baby shower this weekend)

I used the same burlap garland as the living room tree to wrap the dining room tree.  I also made a bow out the burlap garland so I wouldn't have to spend money on a topper.    

All but three ornaments were from my attic.   I just dug out all the red and gold ornaments that I had. 

Over the years most of these ornaments were either gifts, purchased from he Dollar Store or sentimental ornaments.  The only thing that I purchased where these three canvas banners.  

I got them for $3 per banner at a little antique shop in Olde Town Portsmouth, Virginia.

Finally, I used a fabric swag of burlap that I had on hand.

Hope you like it!

I'll be back in a day or so with my 4.5 shorty tree.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!a

Remember that dusting of snow that I spoke of in my last post?  Well, I have to be the doting dog owner for a moment.  Here's my precious Brinkley enjoying his time in the small bit of snow that we had:

He was in dog heaven!


  1. Your tree looks great! I love that burlap around it!

    I am from Richmond, VA!

  2. Looks great! I can't believe you all got "snow" before we did. ;)-Melissa

  3. Your tree looks so pretty! Love the burlap and the banners!! Barkley looks like he is making good use of what he has! :)