Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Slip" Into Something A Bit More Comfy

Hey, hey, hey! 

How are you?

So, since we got him:

Our love seat in my office/sunroom has turned into this:

How disgusting and UGLY!

I didn't really mind that it had been destroyed.  It was my first piece of furniture when I bought my first home (townhouse) at age 19... so it's over 10 years old.  However, I do mind that it appears so disgusting when people visit. The fact that I'm having a baby shower at my house this weekend was just what I needed to actually do something about it.

I knew that it certainly wasn't in the budget to buy a new sofa.  Plus, this is the room where our dear Brinkley hangs out when Brandon and I aren't home, so really, what would be the point of a new sofa?  

I also knew that I wanted something durable, washable and affordable, so why not "slip" into something a little more comfortable?  That's right, a slip cover!  I hopped on to Amazon and found this baby in red for a fraction of the price that you'd pay in stores.

We got the slip cover in the mail tonight and after about ten minutes of figuring out which end was up and a couple of doubting
Brandon statements like "babe, are you sure you bought the right size," we got it on with ease.
Here it is:

And it matches the red in the flowered pillows perfectly.

Now more than ever I'm noticing how hideous that floor is though.  I need your help. Would you paint it?  If so, what color? The faux stone is a bit raised so I'm a bit worried about painting it and tile isn't in the budget.  Hmmm, now that I'm typing this, I seem to remember a post from The Lettered Cottage about a friend of theirs that did DIY wood plank floors (I can't find the post right now though.)  Maybe I could try.  It's a very small space.  

I'm taking suggestions!  It needs help!  But I love comfy slip!


  1. This blog had an interesting how-to on a floor treatment. Maybe you could at least get an idea from it. Good luck.

  2. Love the slip cover! I painted our sub flooring (no money for flooring yet) white. I have to say that I love it, BUT, I also have a big dog and he scratches the paint off. I did not seal it though so that might help too! I know that there are all kinds of inspirations and suggestions out there that you will find something! Have fun!!