Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cheap Bookcase Makeover

Hi Friends,

I've had this bookshelf hanging around since I bought my first home 10 years ago.

It has lived in my guest room for quite some time.  We rarely have out of town guests so you could say it's been the out of site, out of mind theory with said shelf.  Well, I've started a guest room makeover and I didn't think I had room for the bookcase any longer.  First I tried to give it away. When I didn't have any takers, I realized I could spruce it up a bit and use it to house DVDs, the cable box and the Wii in our living room.  

So I painted it yellow (the same yellow I painted my kitchen chairs.  See that post here.)
I wanted to add a bit of cottage charm to the shelf, so I had the bright idea to add beadboard wallpaper to the back... but that didn't work out so well.

 The wallpaper wouldn't adhere to the cheap cardboard backing.  So with this sad but true discovery, I headed to The Home Depot with measurements in hand to pick up a sheet of wood beadboard.  I had the guys cut the board to size (they do free cuts)...

Once I attached it to the back of the bookcase...

I slapped on a few coats of paint.  

And voila!

Our new entertainment center.  Beadboard makes everything look better!

(Sorry for the poor picture quality.  I took this picture with my phone.  The color isn't this neon looking.  The previous pictures are more true to life.)

The baskets that currently reside in the shelf are a temporary fix until I find ones that I love.

To think, this shelf almost ended up in a local trash dump.


  1. Oh I like it. Super Cute! You did a great job Heather...once again. :)

  2. I love the yellow color - and of course, the beadboard.