Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things: Kitchen Floors

Hi Friends.

In the next few weeks I plan to begin our kitchen overhaul.  New paint on the walls, new paint on the cabinets and maybe even new paint on the floor.  My husband thinks I'm nuts for even thinking about painting the floor, but my thought:  Can they really get any worse??

Okay, it could get worse but that doesn't change the fact that I hate our current kitchen floors.  They are a strange teak wood and the flooring doesn't match the rest of the flooring in the house that is "real" wood.

I've spent the afternoon browsing the web for some kitchen floor inspiration.  
Here's what I've come up with:

(courtesy of Southern Living)
If I chose the yellow and white checkered floor, I'd paint all of our cabinets white.

(courtesy of Coastal Living)
These are actually tile squares; but I could certainly get this look with a couple gallons of paint and my existing wood floors.  

(courtesy of My Home Ideas)
If I chose this whitewashed look, I'd paint the bottom cabinets a light beachy blue and the top cabinets white.

(courtesy of Coastal Living)
If I don't use this look in my kitchen, I think it would work well in my sunroom/office, which also has hideous floors.)

(courtesy of Coastal Living)
This is another great look for a sunroom... not so sure about the kitchen. Hmm...

Other Kitchen Plans:
I also plan to replace the current countertops with butcher block; open up some of the cabinets by removing the door fronts; add some open shelving above the sink... and I'd even like to figure out a way to clad the fronts of the dishwasher and the fridge with bead board.  This to-do list will slowly be checked off as we have the funds to make it happen. Painting the floors and cabinets will come first.    

So what do you think I should do to my kitchen floor?  Have any ideas that I haven't covered? The goal here is to keep it economical as possible by keeping the current floors in tact... and just prettying them up a bit.  



  1. I love the grey and white stripes! My husband would never let me do it but it looks great and expensive bc its custom.

  2. I love how things are shaping up so far Im a new follower and I will be back!sop by and visit me when time allows!

  3. BTW go for the paint on the floor I wish we weren't renting I would have already done it!