Friday, April 8, 2011

Perfect Pantry

The last few weeks I've been attempting to bring a little bit of order to our pantry.  For way too many years it looked like this:

Nothing had a spot.  Cleaners, pet products and tools were piled high and we could never find what we needed when we needed it.  So I headed to The Dollar Store to pick up 15 of these:

I love these baskets for three reasons:  
1) They were cheap
2) The plastic makes for easy cleaning if anything spills or leaks
3) It's easy to see the contents of each basket because of the holes

Once I got everything organized into the baskets, I whipped up some labels.  A few months ago I was gifted these awesome chalkboard tags from Leen The Graphics Queen for being a Facebook follower. I knew they'd be perfect for this project.

I added her tags to scrapbook paper that I had at the house and attached them with white ribbon.  

 If I ever need to change what's in one of the baskets, it's easy!  All it takes is one wipe of a paper towel.

And Voila... my organized pantry.  

Now everything has a spot.  

I had two leftover chalkboard tags so I attached them to canisters that I had in the kitchen. 

I love the personalized touch these simple tags add to $8 Walmart jars!

If you want chalkboard tags for yourself, visit Leen The Graphics Queen.  She'll take care of you!

Happy organizing!


  1. soo cute!! i have those tags but from someone else and i love them! i have them on those jars too!! pantry looks beautiful and clean and organized and colorful!! its a fourfer!

  2. Your pantry turned out great! I so need to get to mine and when I do, I want to have some of those cute tags, thanks for the link.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Okay, you are brilliant. I found you on DoodleKisses and thought I would check out your blog. So fun!!!

  4. Hey Bonnieb,

    Thanks for stopping by! Glad you like it! I'm trying to fin you on DK but can't tell which one is you!