Thursday, April 21, 2011

Running the Distance...

No, I'm not about to run a marathon (however, it is a goal of mine to run a half marathon one day). I'm talking about table runners.  No-sew burlap runners to be exact.  I have a few burlap runners donning tables around the house.  I've never learned to sew but that hasn't stopped me from whipping up a few of these:

The first one is a fringed burlap runner.  Just grab a piece of burlap and cut it to your desired size.  (Note: you will loose a little bit of the width as you begin the fringing process, so be sure to cut your fabric a bit wider than desired.)

Then pop a movie in and use a meat skewer stick to pull out the edges. You can make the fringe as long (or short) as you want it. It's that easy to create a fringed burlap runner!

For the second runner, I hemmed the edges with an iron and stitch witchery. You can buy the no-sew tape at any fabric store.  There really isn't any more explanation needed. Just iron away.  You can use the stich witchery on any piece of fabric. 

The underneath of the runner is by no means straight... or pretty.

But who cares. If someone really wants to take a gander at my handywork (or lack thereof), gaze away! :)

Easy peasy!

Good luck!

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