Saturday, May 14, 2011

Confessions of a Drill-less DIYer

Hi Friends,

I have a confession to make...
I've been writing this blog for almost a year about home improvement on the cheap and I don't even own one of these:

Nope, not a drill to my name! 
For almost a year, a had "borrowed" my dad's drill but when he needed it back for a project of his own, I was left in drill despair.

I can no longer ride on the coattails 12 volts of pure power of and drill bits of my dad.  I'm in the midst of our kitchen renovation and these brackets are impossible to get rid of without a drill.

I need to remedy this situation immediately.  It's time I put on my big girl pants and get one of these in my life:

Isn't it a pretty shade of blue?  
I know, I know... that was totally a girlie comment to make... but I still meant it!  
Off to the store I go... Blue, I'm coming for you!

P.S.  I want to thank everyone for the amazing and encouraging words that you left for me on my last post regarding our fertility struggles and our adoption plans.
Unfortunately, blogger had a major malfunction and this post was lost.  Despite Blogger's claims that everything would be restored back to normal, my post, and your sweet comments are lost in cyberspace. Blogger, of all posts, really!?
  I reposted the last draft that I had, right here.  Unfortunately, I can't repost your comments for you, so if you left a comment, would you mind stopping by and leaving it *again*.
Second times a charm.
Thank you!

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