Monday, June 13, 2011

Kitchen and Bathroom Update...

Hi Friends!

It's been an extended weekend of home improvement projects at The Cozy Cape.  I knew that I had lots to get done this weekend and I also knew that two days wouldn't be enough to even make a dent in my massive to do list... so I took a personal day from work.

I've spent the majority of today working on the kitchen cabinets.  The first coat of primer on the majority of the cabinets is nearly complete.

Here's a sneak peek at how things are shaping up:

Yesterday, I promised I'd check in with the progress on the bathroom.  We got some good news.  Tub guy (I didn't get his name so he's now officially known as "tub guy" around these parts.)...used some super-sonic acid cleaner on the tub.  When he was done with step one he called me into the bathroom and said, "hey, don't tell my boss but you don't need this tub reglazed. If you wash that dog...

(Pardon the interruption but he was referring to this dog) a glazed tub once, you'll be calling me back to redo the job."  Then he informed me that the old cast iron tubs just need a good acid scrub down every few years.  Who knew?

So, tub guy saved me over $100 buckaroos.  It still cost $129 but much better than the $249 price tag that comes with a reglazing job.

Here's the before...

And after...


Tomorrow, the tub surround goes in to cover up this mess...

I'll be back tomorrow with an update on the bathroom. 
Now, it's back to painting for me.  

P.S.  With each home improvement project that we complete, we are one step closer to sharing our little secret that I mentioned here.

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  1. That's awesome that "tub guy" was honest with you and you got to save one hundered buckeroos! The tub looks great too!