Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Big Barrel of Rustic Goodness

Hi Friends,

If you haven't figured it out by now, I love anything with a rustic or vintage look.  When I laid eyes on this beauty, he had me at hello.

Would you look at those curves?  That weathered wood?  Ahhh.... another aged beauty to add to my collection.  Remember the vintage crate I snagged for $9.99 from E-bay?
So here's the story with my whisky barrel.  As I planned the hubby's 30th, I knew that I needed the perfect spot to display his cake.  I thought... I searched... I tried to find something perfect that I already owned, but the picture I had in my head wasn't lining up with anything that was currently at The Cozy Cape.

During an impromptu thrift store shopping spree with my friend Ashley from It Rocks To Be A Knox, I mentioned to her that I had barrel envy. You see, her in laws gave her an old whisky barrel as a wedding gift.  She entertains a lot and her barrel always steals the show.
Here it is:

I told her to keep her eyes peeled for a barrel that could come live in the Boyd casa... preferably one that wasn't $300 bucks.  Let me tell you, Ashley can find a deal!  And she didn't let me down this time. 24 hours later Ashley called to say she spotted an old barrel on the side of her in-laws home.  Her in-laws had bought a barrel for their friends but said friends never came and picked it up. So Ashley quickly got on the phone to see if they'd be up for selling their barrel.  Well, they said YES (it sounds like a marriage proposal)!  One day later, I was the proud owner of a rustic barrel.  And all for the low price of $50 dollars.  That price is unheard of!  And even if you could find one online for that price, shipping is at least another $100 dollars.  Thanks Ash!

But the deal finding doesn't end there.  I knew I wanted to get a piece of round glass cut to place on top of the barrel to make it more table-esque.  Well, when I called a local glass cutting shop, they wanted $60 buckaroos.  Um... No thank you.  So with all of my fingers and toes crossed, I ran into the Habitat for Humanity store five minutes before they closed, with high hopes they'd have a piece of round glass big enough to don the top of my new old barrel.  Well, they did! I snagged the perfect piece of glass for less than $10 dollars.  Take a peek of it doin' it's job at two parties.

But wait, there's more (I feel like a bad infomercial!).  While I was at the Habitat store, something caught my eye.  One aisle over from the round glass, there was a mini barrel sitting all by its lonesome.  It was $5.99. Sold! And  I hunted down a square piece of glass for $2.99. Sold!

I used the mini barrel as a favor display for both parties last week.   

The moral of the story here is ask and you shall receive. 

P.S.  Posts to come this week:
1)  Party details for both the 30th birthday bash
2) Party details for the surprise baby shower
3) A post on some more kitchen updates

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  1. How awesome! It was meant to be!

  2. Wow...great deal!! And it looks amazing!!

  3. Looks like fun! I might have to steal your popcorn idea....very cute and easy!