Saturday, July 9, 2011

Don't Call Me "Poly"-Anna...


Gripe zone ahead 
(all in jest of course).

There's nothing like a cheesy play on words to get the blog day started, right?
 This is anything but a "Pollyanna post"(since in the children's classic Pollyanna had an optimistic outlook on everything.)  You may not be able to call me Pollyanna because this post is all about the complaining... but you can call me "Poly-anna" because polyurethane and I are fully acquainted and we now have a love hate relationship.  I just spent an hour shellacking the heck out of the kitchen cabinets with polyurethane.

Does anyone hate the polyurethane process as much as I do?  In theory it's good because it protects hours of hard work... especially in high traffic areas like the kitchen. But seriously, it is one of the least satisfying DIY projects.  

Because there are no pretty before and after pics.
There's no, "Aww, look at what I just accomplished!"
Instead, "I just spent an hour of my life on a project and it looks the same as before" sounds more familiar.

It's smelly. 
It's toxic. 
And now I can't touch the cabinets for 4 to 6 hours.

So here's the before...

And the atter.

They look EXACTLY the same.  No eye candy to see here. :)
I'll just relish in the fact that my hard work is now signed, sealed and delivered.  

I smell the sweet fumes of polyurethane luring me in.  Round two, here I come.

Catch you later!

(AKA: Poly-Anna)

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