Sunday, July 10, 2011

Friends: I Need Your Opinion! (Kitchen Floor)

Hey Friends!

This will only take a moment.  
Hubby and I finished painting the kitchen floor last night.  It turned out out great!  

Just as a reminder, here's what it looked like before:

We still have some touch-ups to do.... but before we add the polyurethane, I need your opinion.  

This is my inspiration picture:
(photo courtesy of The Painted Home)

See how the inspiration picture looks distressed and a little worn?  
Should I add a little distressing to my squares?
Or should I leave them solid black?

I plan to add polyurethane tonight before I go to bed... so leave a comment soon, because I just can't make the decision on my own!



  1. I like it without the distressing but thats me.

  2. I like it without the distressing as well!

  3. I like it without the distress too, brightens up the kitchen, looks clean and fresh...good job you two!! LU

  4. Sorry, gonna throw in a wrench....I vote YES on distressing it! You liked that picture for a reason. Do it!

  5. distress a few..see what you think you can always repaint it.

  6. I really like the distressed look, but I can understand it would be difficult to do when you just finished all the hard work of painting them. I think Chris has a good idea, distress a few and re-paint if you don't like it.

  7. I like it without the distress. I personlly think it looks great and adds a fresh look. Although as others suggested maybe distress one or two blocks and see what you like best.

  8. If you like the modern look, don't distress. If you like the cottage look, then distress. Since I am more the cottage type, I would distress.

  9. Wow, that is beautiful! I do think it looks great as it is, but judging by the furniture pieces that I can see in the photos, I think distressing would be the way to go. Undistressed looks more modern than seems appropriate.

  10. Thanks Everyone! I distressed one and really liked it! I think the distressing does goes better with my decor.... it is very beach cottage in my house. I'll de a couple more to make sure that's the way to go but I think distressed is winning my heart.

  11. Yes to Distress! Otherwise, I'm gonna pull out my best fifties-poodle-shirted-diner-moves next time I come over. I have great moves. :) AK