Friday, August 5, 2011

Baby Shower: "Sugar, and Spice and Everything Nice"

Hi Friends,

Last Saturday I had the joy of throwing a baby shower for a dear friend.  She and I met through unfortunate shared circumstances: infertility (see my story here). A group of us met through a mutual friend that knew all of us felt alone and needed a support system... and so friendships were formed.
That's why this shower was such an exciting one to plan. 
Take that infertility!

So here's the scoop.   
Four of us pulled together to plan a "Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice" shower complete with a cookie bar...
Guests were welcomed with a drink bar stocked with iced tea, lemonade and a peach punch

  and guests drank from mason jars with hard plastic straws from Party City.
 The jars were decorated with jute twine and tags made by yours truly.  
The wording on the tags: "Baby, you're the milk to my cookies."

I hung an "OH BABY" burlap banner above the drink bar.
I made the banner out of burlap and paint that I already had at the house. 
Gotta' love free!

Up next, we had an appetizer bar chalked full of fruit, cheese and a chocolate fountain.

I made a sign to don the table.  
(I love signs!  They just add the extra-special punch that takes a party to the next level)
The wording:  "Enjoy the food for a treat...Take it to the fountain to make it sweet)

Then we had more food, most of which was catered by a friend's coworker.  

The centerpiece is an antique baby doll carriage. 
A year ago I saw it when I was antique shopping and just knew I had to have it.  When I was younger my dad bought this same carriage for me to push around my cabbage patch doll so it brought back fond childhood memories. 

(You've probably noticed the faux flowers.  Mom-to-be is allergic to flowers, so we had to be "faux sure" we didn't have a flower induced asthma attack during our celebration)

We wrapped the silverware in napkins and I dressed it up with ribbon and another homemade tag.
The wording:  "Grab a fork... eatin' for two."
Plates, napkins and silverware were displayed in a bike shaped planter that I snagged for 1/2 off at Michael's five years ago.  This bike has been worth the money! I use it every party I throw!

One of the few dishes not catered was the chocolate covered popcorn.
We drizzled pink and brown chocolate on microwaved popcorn and served it up in handmade paper cones and a vintage milk crate.
(more on the vintage crate here)

Once the guests made the loop around the table they looked to their left where where we set-up a cookies and milk bar.
All the cookies were homemade...
and we went old school with vintage-inspired glass milk jugs from Wal-mart, filled with regular, strawberry and chocolate milk. 
I couldn't believe it when I laid eyes on those jugs! 
And for less than $5 bucks each. 
I carried the "Baby, you're the milk to my cookies" theme to the Cookie Bar sign.

 The fun didn't stop with the cookies!
You didn't think we forgot the cake, did you?  
We had raspberry filled cupcakes displayed on my vintage whisky barrel (more on the barrel here)

I made a "BABY" sign with white wooden letters from Michael's, my hot glue gun and pink and white polka-dot ribbon that I had at the house.
And I added another sign that I whipped up in Word.
The wording:  "Oh Baby!  Mama's got a little cookie baking in the oven!")

And while I'm not a huge fan of shower games we did include a few activities.
1) Guess the spices...

to go with our sugar and spice theme
2) and don't say "baby" game:

As things wrapped up, guests were sent off with a cookie kit.
I assembled the ingredients in 1 quart mason jars and attached a tag with cooking instructions along with a cookie cutter.

Hope you had as much fun checking out my party as we did at the party!
Thanks for stopping by.

P.S. In the next week, I'll do a tutorial on the cookie kit jars and the peach punch.


  1. Oh my! What a GORGEOUS party!! You should be so proud to have done such a fine job for the mom-to-be! I especially loved the drink bar, with the fantastic three dispensers! And one would never know from the photos that those were faux flowers, they look great. Thanks for sharing -- and I wish you good luck and success and happiness with your adoption. I will say a prayer for you.
    P.S. I am currently unemployed, but I made a VERY SMALL donation towards your adoption quest. I wish it could be more. Good luck and God's blessings. I know every dollar counts. :)

  2. whoops.. my cute popcorn comment was meant for this post... but you know that! Great job!

  3. Wow! Love this shower. You are so creative, Heather.