Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a White {Wreath??}

We live in Virginia which means we rarely see snow... but a girl can dream, right? And as I had visions of snowflakes dancing in my head, I decided to bring the snow to me (even if it is faux snow. Plastic snow to be exact.)

I was tired of last year's wreath. It was very traditional. I wanted something fun... funky... and even something that could hang around through the winter, instead of being forced out shortly after we say "au revoir" to 2011.  

So I hit up The Dollar Store and Michaels (Where else? Hold your tongue if you are one of the lucky few that get to experience the greatness that is Hobby Lobby.) 

After a couple hours of quality time with my trusty hot glue gun, I was left with this:
(Please excuse the cruddy picture quality. I took them with my phone)

This project was so easy and so quick that I was able to get two wreaths done in one evening.

So here's how the wreath making went down.  
You'll need 
  • 1- styrofoam circle- Dollar Store or Michaels. 
  • 4- packs of Large Dollar Store plastic snowflakes. They come three per pack for $1
  • A bunch of small/medium plastic snowflakes. They come 6 per pack for $1

Using your hot glue gun, put the 12 large Snowflakes on first, in two rows.  This will act as a foundation.

After that, glue on rows upon rows of the medium snowflakes  (approx. six rows but just eye it and keep stacking until you are satisfied with how it looks.)
Then slap on a bow and it's ready to adorn your door. 

I'll snap a pic of the wreath on my front door tomorrow, if I get home before it gets dark.

Happy wreath making!

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